Nor Cal Pet has teamed up with the Humboldt Spay and Neuter Network to help control our communities feline overpopulation by spay and neutering all of our cats and kittens. In doing so it also benefits the animals overall health (less likely to get cancer), preventing costly vet bills as well as to help potentially live longer happier lives. We recommend The Humboldt Spay and Neuter Network and support all the great work they do for our community.

This month we need to give the cat rescue an upgrade. Due to the amount of cats and kittens we receive from all over the county we need to create a better intake area to process new animals coming into our rescue as well as insure that all of the cats and kittens are healthy, spayed and neutered.

To help these efforts, Nor Cal Pet is hosting a raffle here at the store. A portion of the proceeds will go towards The Humboldt Spay and Neuter Network and the rest will help with our cat rescue. Christmas Eve we will announce the winners. There are three grand prizes that value each at well over $100! Bags of food, litter, beds, dishes, treats, toys and much more!

ticket prices:          1 for $5        3 for $10      5 for $20 

Stop by the store today to participate for a good cause and win some supplies for your animals. And if you would like to donate towards either our spay and neuter bill directly or to donate to The Humboldt Spay and Neuter Network please go to or call 707-442-SPAY




Northern California Pet Supply and Grooming was started in one suite in the Miller Business Park in 2013 and soon grew to hold three suites with a full dog and cat supply, grooming and animal rescue section.

Locally owned and operated by two sisters, Jen and Leah. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff who strive to bring the best of everything in animal supply to Mckinleyville and at reasonable prices! Nor Cal Pet has a fantastic selection in toys and accessories for your furry companion and only the best in nutrition and grooming/hygiene supplies.